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Visions Coffee Coaching


Located at the Visions Education Lab in downtown Seattle or on-site at your location (travel rates apply). Travel rate is $90/hr.


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Coffee History and Education

2-3 Sessions (2 hours each)

The history of coffee and coffee brewing. Regions, cultivars, elevations, processes. Overview of how to engage with customers to reveal the story of the coffee you are serving. Helps to sell more expensive coffees and retail bags. The number of sessions is dependent on base knowledge level.

Equipment Training

2-8 hours

Coffee and espresso machine use and functionality, initial setup, operation, programming, configuration, and technical features.

La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, Slayer, Kees Van Der Westen, Lelit, Rancilio, Synesso, Mavam, Cimbali, Fetco, Wilbur-Curtis, Marco, Bunn, Poursteady, Mahlkonig, Anfim, Ditting, Mazzer, Eversys, WMF, Franke, and more!

Basic Filter Coffee/Batch-Brew Training

1 hour

Grinding for different brewers, recipes and brew methods. Process for making batch brew throughout a shift, opening and closing procedures for brewing, rinsing and cleaning equipment.

Advanced Batch Coffee Brewing

1-2 hours

Machine programming, weights, ratios, water quality and temp, machine pulses if applicable. Measuring TDS/using a refractometer. Achieving complexity in Single Origin coffees.

Manual Brewing

1-3 hours

Chemex, V60. Aeropress, Kalita, French Press etc. Grind-size and brew ratios, varying approaches to each method.

Machine Programming and Service

2 hours

Ongoing Technical and mechanical training on coffee brewers, grinders, espresso machines, super-automatic machines and related equipment. How to maintain, program, service, repair coffee equipment.

Basic Espresso Extraction

1-2 hours

Consistent grinder dosing and extraction times for balanced shots.

Advanced Espresso Dialing

2 Sessions (2-4 hours each)

Espresso by measured dose, yield, and time; understanding brew temp, pre-infusion, controllable variables. Extraction recipes and ratios. Over-extracted, under-extracted and balanced espresso shots. Grinding espresso by time and weight. visual grinding within 0.2 grams. Using grind-by-time and grind-by-weight grinders. Using various espresso machines. auto-volumetric, drip scales, Auto Brew Ratio (LM) pre-brew (Slayer) etc.

Basic Milk Steaming

1-3 hours

*Maximum 5 individuals per session*
Steaming milks with a focus on milk temp, texture and consistency. Different textures for different drinks.

Advanced Milk Steaming

4 Sessions (1-2 hours each)

*Maximum 5 individuals per session*
Expert level control of milk texture and temp. Advanced latte art including hearts, tulips, and rosettas. Steaming and pouring Cortado/Cappuccino/Latte.

Drink and Menu Preparation

2-hour Consultation, 2-hour Practical Application

Pulling shots and steaming milk within a continuous workflow. Inclusion of ingredients i.e. syrups, chocolate, etc. Processes for iced drinks, chai, tea, matcha, and mocktails.

Bar Flow Efficiency

2-3 hours

Order of prep processes - how to prepare simple to very complex menu offerings quickly and consistently. Individual work-flows or collaborative recipes in a fast-paced setting.